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We have just the best for you. The best venues and the best services. In these pages you will find everything you need to organize a perfect event. It can be a party, a congress, an indoor team building for you company. Contact us and we will follow you step by step so that your event will be perfect. Choosing the right venue is the first step, we have a long list of different venues as open space, loft, discoclub and much more that are suitable for every kind of event. Once you have chosen it we can start to organize every details as catering, rental service, audio and video making and whatever else you need.

The perfect location where you need it

Our website is ready to help you to find the best venue for your events, parties, temporary shop, congresses and meeting. Our long experience is at your service and will make everything perfect, we know the best venues of Milan where you can organize your activities. We will assist you in every details, not just the choice of location but also rental services, catering and much more. Here you find a list with the best venues of Milan, they are located in the heart of the city and in the most important areas of the suburbs so that you can be at ease even if you need to organize an event near the airport or the fair.

Best Venues

When you want to organize an event the venue is so important in your choice. We can give you a big variety of locations where you can have your perfect event. We cover every area of Milan and its suburbs with our venues and we will help you in all the details. Just contact us and together we will find the best solution.

Spazio TA

Spazio TA

Brand New venue located in Milan Via Tortona 37 in the complex designed by renowned a...